In light of 75% chance of rain (diminishing after noon) and 14mph winds, tomorrow’s (19 Mar) launch is scrubbed. We’ll aim for next Saturday and seek Sunday as well if quals aren’t complete on Sat.

SEVRA will be host a LP/MP/TARC Sport Launch at the Wingos' place this Saturday (25 March 2017) from 10am until 3pm.

We received word that we are not welcome back to the Wakefield site. Several reasons were given, but the concensus among those present is that the locals were intimidated by 26 cars on the (correct) side of the road. The search for a new High-Power field has resumed. Until we find a field, club High-Powered flight activity is suspended.

Would you like to launch model rockets in the Hampton Roads, VA area?
The South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA) would like to invite you to come launch with us
Hobbyists, students, parents, children, visitors, Scouts, Clubs, Groups are encouraged.
Non-members and spectators are always welcome!
We launch from small 'A' motor size rockets to large high power 'M' motor size rockets.
We also launch experimental motors and hybrid motors.

Recent Photos from flickr:

Kiss the Waiver Contest:
SEVRA has a contest for the highest flight at Fentress that does not break the 10,000' waiver. There is no entry fee for SEVRA members and the prize will be a Rocketry Warehouse 38 Special kit. Entrants must declare their attempts on the flight cards. Rockets must also have an RF tracking system of some sort. If multiple recording altimeters are used, the altitude will be determined from the average of the individual values. The contest end will be rescheduled.

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SEVRA NAR, Section 621, of   The National Association of Rocketry (NAR)

SEVRA Tripoli East Virginia, Prefecture 82 of  The Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

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