SEVRA's next launch will be Trevor Leggette's Longest Day 2018 launch on June 30th at the Orapax Hunting Preserve. This as a LP/MP/HP Sport Launch. Our HP waiver, for 5,000' AGL*, is in place.

We have the FAA waiver to 5,000' AGL* and have established the fee for the field (and associated clubhouse with facilities)!
Here are our current plans for this new HP field.


* = Caution is recommended as the trees are plentiful.

Dates – Once the growing season has ended, we will attempt to resume a 1st & 3rd weekend schedule at the NewLand field, opening more Tripoli dates. The Vikings, from Richmond, have been invited to join us for this and future events and may use the field in our absence too. We will likely invite Tripoli Central Va to join us too. As always, the public is welcome.

Launch fees – We have to pay a field rental fee. So, to hopefully collect enough money to pay the fee, the launch fees each day will be – HP $10/day, MP $5/day, LP free. Observers are free.

We will contact Vendors to see if they are interested.

A company called Outdoor Access links up landowners with hunters, campers, drone flyers, and now rocketry clubs. We coordinated telecons with outdooraccess and the NAR President to get all the insurance and safety questions answered. We will be the first to try rocketry launches under their program so if this works other clubs can participate.

Would you like to launch model rockets in the Hampton Roads, VA area?
The South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association (SEVRA) would like to invite you to come launch with us
Hobbyists, students, parents, children, visitors, Scouts, Clubs, Groups are encouraged.
Non-members and spectators are always welcome!
We launch from small 'A' motor size rockets to large high power 'M' motor size rockets.
We also launch experimental motors and hybrid motors.

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SEVRA NAR, Section 621, of   The National Association of Rocketry (NAR)

SEVRA Tripoli East Virginia, Prefecture 82 of  The Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

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