Launch Info:
DUES News!:
  • SEVRA membership year, Nov to Oct: $25/person or family (one voting member - addl voting members must pay separate dues)
  • Launch season at the Dismal Swamp field is Nov through May. Dues will be prorated after ½ of the season (in mid Feb.) to ½ price
  • We might have other launches in the summer, if a field can be found
  • Benefits: No launch fees (NAR or TRA launches), and some free SEVRA merchandise (when available)
  • Non-members: Launch fees at each launch - $10 HP, $5 MP, and LP is free to everyone. If you pay $30 in launch fees then you can get switched to a Member
  • TARC teams are free
  • Donations are always welcome and appreciated
  • Fees go to land leases, NAR and TRA membership/insurance, webpage fees, equipment upgrades and maintenance, and storage rental fees
Dues should be paid to the SEVRA Treasurer or you can use PayPal.
New Applicants, Please fill out the Membership Application.

(All launches held at NewLand Field unless noted)

The Club's waiver at Newland covers flights up to 4,000' but the flight area allows for ~5,600'. We are working to reach that potential.

Visitors planning to fly L motors or larger need to contact a club officer at least 3 days prior to the launch.

Upon arrival, sign in on the fliers sheet at the RSO table. Prep your rockets. We generally have a variety of launch pads including, 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" rods, short (3') and long (6') micro-rails, short (3') and long (8') 1010 rails, and a 12'-long 1515 rail. Fill out one Flight Card for each flight. We keep flight cards on hand, but you can save time by printing and filling out yours ahead of time. Present the flight card and your rocket to the RSO for inspection. Load your rocket on the pad and hook up the igniter clips. Note the launch pad used on the card and give it to the LCO.

If your rocket lands outside of the immediate launch area or lands in a nearby tree, you must contact a SEVRA Board Member or the RSO before attempting recovery. SEVRA has knowledge of the surrounding properties and has the equipment to enable the safe recovery of your rocket.

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