Launch Info:
Launches are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month as well as the Sunday after the 3rd Saturday of odd numbered months (January, March, ..., November). All scheduled launch dates are subject to cancellation due to weather or unavailability of the field resulting from Navy operations. Launch status can always be found at the very top of the SEVRA Home Page. We try to update the status of the launch the evening before launch day.

Set up time varies with season and is typically 8:30am but never before daybreak. We generally hold a brief fliers meeting and safety briefing prior to activating the club's waiver. Flying commences at approximately 10:00am and continues until 5:00pm or near dusk, again depending upon season.

We generally do not collect launch fees. Kids and low-power fliers always fly for free at our regular launches. All certified high-power fliers and fliers launching rockets that would require an FAA waiver must be SEVRA members. High-power fliers must hold current membership and be certified and insured by either the NAR or TRA. Non-members accept full responsibility for their flights as well as the safety of others and are expected to be self-insured. Club Dues for full membership are $25/year and are due in January.

Dues should be paid to Joe Vanlandingham, the SEVRA Treasurer.
Please fill out the Membership Application.

There are several concrete runways so expect and plan for rockets to land on hard surfaces!

The Club's waiver at NALF Fentress covers flights up to 10,000'. Planned flights above 9,000' may require proof of performance by the RSO (either simulations or prior demonstration).

Visitors planning to fly L motors or larger need to contact a club officer at least 3 days prior to the launch.

Upon arrival, sign in on the fliers sheet at the RSO table. Prep your rockets. We generally have a variety of launch pads including, 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" rods, short (3') and long (6') micro-rails, short (3') and long (8') 1010 rails, and a 12'-long 1515 rail. Fill out one Flight Card for each flight. We keep flight cards on hand, but you can save time by printing and filling out yours ahead of time. Present the flight card and your rocket to the RSO for inspection. Load your rocket on the pad and hook up the igniter clips. Note the launch pad used on the card and give it to the LCO.

If your rocket lands outside of the immediate launch area or lands in a nearby tree, you must contact a SEVRA Board Member or the RSO before attempting recovery. SEVRA has knowledge of the surrounding properties and has the equipment to enable the safe recovery of your rocket.

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