Club Info - SEVRA:
Section 621, of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR)
Prefecture 82, of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)

The purpose of our Club is to have fun launching rockets, to advance the skills of our members, and to educate local youth and their families about amateur rocketry.

The purpose of the Tripoli Research Program is to foster the research and development of payloads, electronics, recovery devices, air frame design, construction materials and to provide members of TRA with a venue in which they can static test and use their own composite or hybrid motors.

SEVRA will conduct activities per the NAR Safety Code and/or the TRA Safety Code depending upon the association sponsoring the launch activities.

SEVRA NAR was started in the Fall of 2000. Original members - Richard Burke, Don Wittenauer, Scott Brown, Stephen Krall, and Bob Avery.
Before there was SEVRA there was the Enterprise Section of the NAR (ESNAR) Club, Section 101, in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk VA. The ESNAR Club ended around 1982. They had a newsletter called Tidewater Model Rocketry and they were involved with the 4H Club.

SEVRA TRA founding members were Joe Beaufait, Rich Burck, Claudio Egalon, David Hahn, Stephen Krall, David Muesing, Glen Narden, Ed Rowe, John VanNorman, and Don Wittenauer. The Club was started in the 1994/1995 timeframe.

The TRA club was reinstituted in Nov., 2009. Members present were Eric Fadely, Skip Cutting, Jeff Goldstein, Joe Vanlandingham, Bill Pleban, Randy Regan, and Brian Heywood with Ed Rowe as Club Advisor.

SEVRA was formed by the merger of SEVRA NAR and SEVRA TRA in 2013 after the sponsoring associations modified their Safety rules and resultant Insurance coverage.

How to join:
Launch fee structure is as follows: Non-members: Launch fees at each launch - $10 HP, $5 MP, and LP is free to everyone. If you pay $30 in launch fees then you can get switched to a Member. All certified high-power fliers and fliers launching rockets that would require an FAA waiver must be club members. High-power fliers must hold current membership with, and be certified and insured by, either the NAR or TRA. Non-members accept full responsibility for their flights as well as the safety of others and are expected to be self-insured. Club Dues for full membership are $25/year and are due in January.

Dues should be paid to the SEVRA Treasurer (Please make checks out to Charlie Moss).
Please fill out the Membership Application.